Sectors we support


Running an SME can be tough. We know! As a business owner, you wear many hats, not all of which will sit as comfortably as others. At Relish, we provide a wide range of business support, including business planning that allows you to introduce meaningful KPIs (how can you celebrate success if you don't know what it looks like in your organisation?), performance management of staff, introduction of credit terms or effective financial tools. Let our expertise take the pressure away from the hats you find least comfortable.


Many people talk about the increased professionalism of the charity sector these days, and it is true that standards have greatly improved - and quite rightly so. The public's expectations of how a charity should be run has changed enormously over recent years and many grassroots charities and community groups find themselves in need of some professional hand-holding from time to time. Whether it is Trustee training or charity campaign planning, we can help.


The landscape of printed and digital marketing is rapidly changing and with new platforms to showcase your business to your target customer, it can be overwhelming. We can help you get in front of the audience and influencers that will wear your clothes, use your products and want to be associated with your brand. As customer demands are greater than ever, we can show you how to keep pace with trends using attention grabbing, relevant content in this fast changing world, making sure you don't get left behind.


The "F" word scares most people. "I am happy to help this charity, but I don't want to ask any of my friends for money" is a line that is often heard - even said by some charity Trustees (sorry guys, you need to give up that Board spot). After many years of fundraising from trusts, individuals, institutions and events, we can help you plan a strategy, develop your case for support and make sure you have the donor development plan in place to nurture your supporters. 


Having a unique skill, product or venue is fantastic, so long as your offering is getting in front of your prospective customers so they know about it. We understand that a creative flair does not always sit hand in hand with expertise in financial controls or business acumen (heck, we can't all be good at everything) which is why we offer support to create the business success they seek, whether it's hosting an unmissable event or becoming the latest talked about foodie destination or the next Maggi Hambling!


There are many highly sophisticated digital marketing agencies out there, but we find that many people simply want to learn the tools to get started on their digital journey, or they need support to make sure their organisation's online voice is clear, compelling and consistent. Whatever industry you work in, you can't afford to underestimate the impact of a positive digital presence and we would relish the chance to share with you what we have learnt over the past decade.